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Peek Into the Book Writing Process...Sarah's version.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

I'm excited to be getting oh-so-much-closer to finishing The Laughter Book. It started as a keychain and was going to be published as a book over a year ago. Things change and grow, and before you know it - shift happens. Shift happens when you laugh, too. And that's exactly what the book is about: all the powerful things that happen when you laugh, out loud, from your belly, on purpose. Sometimes you have to practice. The laughter. The writing, too, actually. Often, you have to rewrite the things you thought were finally perfect. You have to dig in and do more research, just when you thought you had nailed it. The order, the word choice, the point - it all starts to blur. It gets tedious, even when you try to practice what you are writing about and laugh through the every-now-and then-difficult process. It goes oh-so-much-slower than you ever imagined it could possibly go. Alas, when you keep laughter in your pocket, even on the most challenging of days, you smile at the progress you have made. You chuckle to have made your co-author, twin sister laugh (she's really the only one who thinks I'm funny) once again. And then you remember why you are writing the book in the first place - because you want to share all those wonderful gifts that laughter bestows upon us.

Have I made you curious? I hope so. Read more - discover the magic. Visit TheLaughterHabit. With any luck, the technology will have made the site live by the time you are reading this, especially since it was supposed to go live before this new site. Ah, life. An adventure. You've got to laugh through it! When you read The Laughter Book, you'll learn how. We'll be done writing soon. I'm sure of it.

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