About Us 

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Sarah Routman

     Sarah knew just what to do with her MA in adult education: She became a laughter professional. After teaching high school and serving as Executive Director for two non-profits, Sarah became certified in Laughter Yoga and was named a Laughter Ambassador by the founder of Laughter Yoga,
Dr. Madan Kataria. She is the Founder of ‘Laugh for the Health of It’, and is a sought-after keynote speaker and conference presenter. For over a decade, Sarah has wowed audiences with her expertise, enthusiasm and highly interactive laugh-it-out approach toward event planning, corporate wellness and personal stress management.  

     Sarah choreographs an experience that activates childlike play for a vibrant, uplifting and delightful result that has a ripple effect of positivity. Sharing laughter with Sarah becomes a catalyst for personal and group transformation, putting participants in the driver’s seat of their attitudes so they can have the influence and impact they intend. Thanks to her BA in English, and BFA in Photography, she is also the creator of four coloring books, author of The Laughter Planner, co-author of The Laughter Book, and a published photographer and poet. Sarah never comes empty-handed. She fills her presentations and workshops with creative tools that are fun, exciting and guarantee a memorable, and personally transformative experience--not to mention a shot of camaraderie in the arm.   


Rachael Siegelman

   Rachael, trained as a laughter coach  by Sarah, has laughed with hundreds of high school girls, senior adults, as well as staff and patients at Ronald McDonald House. She hosts a weekly Zoom laughter call during which she empowers her participants to create lasting change with deep belly laughs.

  Rachael handled medical and labor contract negotiations as a lawyer in the communications industry. She designed and presented interactive medical/legal workshops for thousands of  doctors, nurses, medical students  and health care workers. 

  Focusing on strengthening and empowering relationships and effective communication, Rachael and her husband prepare pregnant couples  for birth and beyond.

    She has led seminars and book clubs for personal and professional development. She coached many communication courses for Landmark Worldwide. She currently coaches pregnant and post-partum women on how to navigate the shifting relationships of their expanding families. Rachael is a wife, mother, step-mother and grandmother. Rachael is delighted to provide accountability to those interested in fine-tuning their own daily laughter habits. 

Together we have created a book that will instruct, entertain, engage, and transform your relationship to laughter.  It will stimulate you, as it did us, to create regular laughter habits, and add  joy to all your celebrations. We hope you'll laugh with us individually while you eagerly await The Laughter Book release in early 2021.

Our Vision

Laughter Champions ourselves, we are committed to sharing the message that laughter truly is the best medicine. We've done the research. The evidence-based science is compelling. We've been building our own laughter habits and laughing with others for over a decade and the results are exciting. Helping people overcome resistance to laughter and learn how to laugh intentionally when nothing is funny is incredibly fun and empowering. It puts you in the driver's seat of your life. We give you all the tools you'll need in The Laughter Book.