Laugh Now!

Seriously Fun Ways to:
     Enhance Health
     Unleash Joy


By Sarah Routman and Rachael Siegelman 


Energizes you, and makes you feel good. 

Is a


Is portable, fun, and 


The Book:

Delves into the science behind the health 

benefits of laughter


overcome challenges



stories of
Isn't it time you took laughter seriously?

"This is the perfect guide to get you started. By choosing to laugh, you can create physical changes in your body that will improve your health and your outlook. It can transform you."

-Dr. Madan Kataria


Founder, Laughter Yoga Movement

from the Forward to The Laughter Book


The book includes dozens of laughter exercises used by the world’s leading laughter professionals. It’s fun, easy, and empowers readers to laugh out loud. The Laughter Book is a perfect companion to any personal or staff development, wellness regimen, and is a meaningful gift to share. Like laughter itself, this book will transform the reader’s view of the power and potential of laughter--giving them more opportunities to laugh than ever before. 


Using the readiness scale for self assessment along with a step by step process of self acceptance, the book readies nearly anyone to practice deliberate laughter. Not only does it argue scientifically why laughter is important for health and well-being, it teaches readers how to laugh as a daily practice when nothing is actually funny! Reserve a copy now!