The Laughter Book 

Choose to:

   Unleash Joy 

   Boost Your Health and 

   Make a Difference

                     (No Matter How You Feel Right Now)

by Laughter Leaders

and identical twin sisters: 

Sarah Routman & Rachael Siegelman

"This is the perfect guide to get you started. By choosing to laugh, you can create physical changes in your body that will improve your health and your outlook. It can transform you."

-Dr. Madan Kataria


Founder, Laughter Yoga Movement

from the Forward to The Laughter Book

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  • The Laughter Habit
  • the Laughter Habit
  • The Laughter Habit

Resolve your resistance to laughter with the formula used by Laughter expert Sarah Routman. 

Learn why laughter is important for health and well-being, and how to laugh as a daily habit, anywhere, anytime, even when nothing is actually funny. 

It's good for you--and it's a heck of a good time!


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