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     Join the Laughter Movement and help spread laughter and joy around the world.  

     We suggest you strategically place Laugh Now! cards in places that will trigger you to laugh out loud when you see them as you intentionally 

build your own laughter habit. 

     In addition, we invite you to send us photos of you and your friends laughing while holding the Laugh Now! card and thus become part of our growing photo gallery. Send photos to: and be sure to include your name and where you live.

I'd Like to donate to keep Laugh Now! cards free 
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Thanks for contributing to spread more laughter!

Here's what your donation provides:

$10     25 cards mailed in the US

$25    75 cards mailed in the US

$50   200 cards mailed in the US

$50    50 cards mailed overseas

 Donations of any size are appreciated. 

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