Did You Know?

Hearty Laughter:

  • Helps you feel better about yourself

  • Builds connection, trust and intimacy

  • Sends endorphins to your brain to make you feel good immediately

  • Inhibits the release of cortisol, the stress hormone in the body

  • Strengthens your immune system

  • Is a great workout for your entire body  ...without even going to the gym

  • Contracts the diaphragm which stimulates all your internal organs

  • Removes stale air from the lungs, oxygenating and cleansing the blood

  • Is recommended by preventive cardiologist, Dr. Michael Miller, to help lower blood pressure, lower chronological age, and heal the heart

  • Relaxes your muscles to help you sleep more deeply

The Laughter

Book Will:

  • Separate laughter from humor (fake vs. real laughter)

  • Offer new information: an overview of laughter history and evidence-based science from comprehensive research

  • Provide a self-discovery process to remove resistance and embolden your inner child

  • Define the anatomy of a laugh

  • Offer more than thirty games and exercises to practice

  • Show you how to create laughter games to deal with any situation

  • Explain the system to create a laughter habit and a safe space to do it 


Fifteen minutes of laughter, every day, will improve and likely extend your life. How do you laugh for fifteen minutes? Read The Laughter Book! Not only does it argue scientifically why laughter is important for health and well-being, it teaches readers how to laugh as a daily practice, when nothing is actually funny.


Using the resistance scale for self assessment along with a step by step process of self acceptance, the book readies nearly anyone to practice deliberate laughter.

It includes dozens of laughter exercises used by the world’s leading laughter organizations. It’s fun, easy and empowers readers to laugh out loud. The Laughter Book is a perfect companion to any personal or staff development, wellness regimen, and a meaningful gift to share. Like laughter itself, this book will transform the reader’s view of the power and potential of laughter--giving them more opportunities to laugh than ever before. 

Includes stories that demonstrate the transformational power of laughter.

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